Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. The costs have to be paid not later than by the deadline in the confirmation of the stay, otherwise, the confirmation of stay is not valid.

2. If the tenant cannot take up the agreed holiday, he shall report this to the owner as early as possible. He will be responsible for the amount of rent unless another location is planned for this period. If the agreed rental period is not fully used, must still be paid the agreed stay.

3. Complaints which concern the rental object, have to report by the tenant within 24 hours after moving into the apartment, otherwise it is believed that the locality and the inventory is in good condition.

4. The tenant agrees to protect the rented facilities including inventory from damage, and to give back at the end of the rental period all keys and accessories based on the inventory. Damaged or unusable objects shall be replaced in such a way that the owner does not have any disadvantage.

5. Self-inflicted damage to the apartment or the inventory must be paid by the tenant. Any damage must be reported immediately to the contract creator.

6. It does not remove any objects from the apartment. Otherwise, owner’s costs for replacement and disadvantages are to be paid by the tenant. In such cases, the owner has the right to charge the requested amount by the tenant.

7. In the case of missing keys, the tenant is liable in the sense that he must pay for the entire costs, as regards the exchange of the locks in the Residenza Miralago.

8. The tenant is obligated not to give the rented property either in whole or in part in sub-rent. This means that the apartment can be occupied only by the number of people which are defined in the contract.

9. The tenant is permitted to reside only for the period specified in the contract. If the key is not deposited on the day of departure as indicated in the contract, he must count with the entry into the apartment of a third person or follow-up costs (housing of the next guests in a hotel, exchange of the lock, etc.).

10. The administration management forbids the renting of dogs and cats. If the tenant has ignored this provision, the tenant has to carry the consequences and possible penalties for the money, which the owner is expected to pay.

11. It is a non-smoking apartment. Is noticed after the stay of the tenant that this regulation was ignored, the costs of additional cleaning and renovation costs will be charged.

12. A violation of the regulations of the administration management will be reported. From this notification, the tenant undertakes to comply with the known regulations. If the tenant continues to flout these rules, the owner is authorized to refer the tenant out of the apartment with immediate effect.

13. The tenant shall be responsible for his personal belongings.